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The Parish Council unanimously agreed to support 'Nature Recovery in Wortwell'. They will now encourage the creation of a local Nature Recovery group of residents and work with nearby towns and villages.

Once again this year sections of the playing fields will be left uncut early in the season to benefit nature. This is part of the 'no mow May' national directive. No matter how small a contribution each of us make, together we can help nature recover.

Bug Houses

Investing in an insect house is a fantastic way to support the local wildlife, and having more bugs in our gardens has its benefits for us humans too. Not only are they often fascinating to watch, but they also pollinate our plants and feed on pests like aphids.

Wortwell are encouraging people to have their own bug houses and hotels as a great place for resident and visitor insects.


An orchard planted a few years ago by the Parish Council. The area around this has been left un cut all year to encourage all kinds of invertebrates.


The village allotments were largely unused until the Parish Council employed contractors to clear and rejuvenate them. The allotments are now all used by residents to grow their own vegetables. Some of whom also have encouraged nature in by installing a small pond and making a dead section of hedge. This is where instead of burning branches from hedge trimming you make a series of uprights and lay the branches between. This is a great feature for birds and insects.

The Parish Council have recently provided a water supply to the allotments making them much more productive.

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