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Wildlife Garden Design

Is your garden nature friendly?  This short and simple review measures four essential features to help assess how welcoming to wildlife your garden is: food, shelter, water and connectivity, and also measures whether your garden provides any natural solutions to some of the climate and nature issues we are facing.   It takes just a few minutes and you'll get a nature friendly score and you will get ideas for how you can make it even more welcoming.

We want to help and advise more gardeners than ever before to create sanctuaries for nature so you can also opt to receive some helpful emails with tips to make your garden even better for wildlife!


Your score for Food is 0 / 20



Your score for Shelter is 0 / 20



Other water features

Your score for Water is 0 / 20



Your score for Environment is 0 / 20


Working Together

Your score for Working Together is 0 / 20


Your Nature Friendly Garden score is 0 / 100

Thanks for your feedback!

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This evaluation is based on a survey created by the Surrey Wildlife Trust.  Please take time to complete the survey and help the Wildlife Trusts build a picture of garden habitats across the UK.

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