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Community Nature Recovery goes District Wide

Updated: 4 days ago

South Norfolk Council reinforced their support for nature recovery in passing a motion: This had cross party support with nobody opposing the recommendations. It was agreed to endorse the community nature recovery approach pioneered by Harleston and to encourage Parish councils across the district to implement the model in their own communities. This is a recognition of the good work of people within Harleston on this very important topic.

To date there has been a series of activities: tree planting at the cemetery; pond clearance and wildflowers seed planting at the Primary School; people leaving areas of their gardens for wildlife, building bug houses, and providing food and water for birds. People have picked up the theme, in repainting the bus shelter, and a community wall in the Recreation Ground. There are regular articles in local magazines, and slots on the radio. There is a general greater awareness of the need to protect our environment, and the role that we can all play. Needham and Wortwell parish Councils have both agreed to adopt the approach.


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