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Pollinator Pledge

Our pollinators play a vital role for us. They help pollinate food crops and support a variety of wildlife by keeping our native plants healthy. Unfortunately, they are facing a number of threats meaning populations are in decline.

From building bug hotels to letting a patch of garden grow wild – one small change can have a big impact. Whether it’s making space for nature, reducing your environmental impact or supporting worthy causes, we can all do something to help.

You can help our pollinators by planting in your garden to make sure there’s a variety of habitats. Because lots of different flowers, plants and trees means lots more bugs, butterflies and bees.

You can help by:

  • Using pollinator friendly plants in your garden – the type that bees and butterflies love

  • Choosing a mixture of plants that flower throughout spring, summer and autumn – find inspiration here

  • Leaving areas of your garden wild, keep dead wood for nesting insects


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